WWE 2K16 Universe Mode Episode - Setup Video

WWE 2K16 Universe Mode Episode - Setup Video

The setup.

LetsPlayFBGames WWE 2K16 Universe ModeEdit

This is a wikia dedicated to my new WWE 2K16 series that I will be starting. Feel free to contribute. The brands will be Raw, NXT and Smackdown, and it's going to be brilliant. The episodes will be recorded daily, but lengths of title reigns will be judged by Universe Mode days, for example: Extreme Rules to Payback would be 28 days, even though it probably would be less in recording time, if that makes sense.

Shows and PPV'sEdit

The weekly shows are Raw, NXT, Main Event and Smackdown.

There will be 12 WWE pay-per-views, along with 10 NXT TakeOver events (as NXT will be involved in the Royal Rumble and the Wrestlemania shows).

The confirmed WWE pay-per-views are as follows: Extreme RulesPaybackMoney in the Bank, (Battleground 2015), SummerslamUnforgivenHell in a Cell (2015)Survivor Series (2015)TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs (2015), Royal Rumble (2016)Elimination Chamber (2016)Wrestlemania 32.

The confirmed NXT pay-per-views are as follows: NXT TakeOver: Let's Get It On, NXT TakeOver: Monster's Ball, NXT TakeOver: Luck O' The Irish.


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